Julie James: An ECD Fave Author

Thursday, March 27, 2014

This post was originally a review for Julie's book Just the Sexiest Man Alive which might make has made it onto my Goodreads favorites shelf. But then I read a third book, Practice Makes Perfect, and it's official.  Julie James is one of my favorite authors.  I actually wish she had a more extensive catalog...it's less than 10!

I read the three above (the first of which is #1 in Julie's FBI/US Attorney series) and all received either 4 or 5 stars. However, given the fact that there is no concrete scale or rubric for my rating system, my rating is pretty irrelevant. One downside to Julie's writing (that I am more than willing to overlook), is that all three female leads I've read about so far are lawyers. (Julie graduated from law school). Which is fine in itself. But they are all employment discrimination lawyers or sexual harassment lawyers, etc. Just an interesting note, I suppose.  I could go for a bit of variety though.

There is always a male privilege/female oppression push-pull that I could do without. (Especially in Practice Makes Perfect, where Payton competes against her co-worker J.D. for the top spot in their law firm.  Payton is convinced that J.D. gets preferential treatment from The Partners - better cases, more important work, the big clients, etc. The ending is truly the best and I really was not expecting it so it all works out in the end.)

But, in reality, I don't care about that - I'm only in it for the "I've been in love with you the whole time I just didn't know it" bit (which may or may not show up in all three...insert heart eyes emoji). ALSO I'm a huge (read: sucker for) fan of not-usually-distressed damsel in distress "saved" (just ONCE) by the cocky, male lead.

I was literally swooning during Just the Sexiest Man Alive when SPOILER the male MC, Jason, leaves in the middle of filming his next movie to go to the hospital because Taylor was in a car accident and has a concussion. I mean, come on, he says "They said you were in the hospital, Taylor, of course I came." Then my eyes turned into hearts and everything was rainbows and sunshine.

Super sweet and sexy reads - and quick, but not too quick that it's barely worth it.  As soon as I can get my hands on her other books, you can bet I'm gonna!

Who are you reading (and loving) right now?

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